Monday, August 22, 2011

The Supply Store

This afternoon I was at a supply store to pick up parts for my tractor. I asked the clerk if a lot of people had been talking about the death of Bin Laden. He said yes, then added, "But bin Laden's not dead. Its all just a hoax to win Obama votes. That's why they claim they buried the body at sea. No body, no bin Laden."

Bin Laden's severed head displayed on a stake, carried through the streets and then planted in the town square would have been a bit more Mujadeen-Afghan warrior style, but I don't think Navy Seals are allowed such unrestrained displays of bravado.

Think they scored any DNA samples or finger prints or that autographed, first edition copy of  "How I Became An International Terrorist"  by Osama bin Laden?  

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